TOPU International Animation Week and China Independent Animation Film Forum

The China Independent Animation Film Forum, which is well-known at home and abroad for encouraging independent and experimental animation creation, is an important component of the TOPU International Animation Exhibition. China Independent Animation Film Forum (CIAFF), founded by director Pi San in 2011, is the first unofficial, non-profit, animation exchange art project jointly initiated and planned by a private organization in Mainland China. The forum aims to encourage the spirit of artistic creation, gather and support high-quality Chinese original forces, and promote the level of creative development of Chinese animation. By the end of 2020, CIAFF has successfully held nine sessions. Beginning in 2015, CIAFF has implemented a planner system, inviting different animation creators, scholars and curators to jointly declare and plan an event every year. Starting in 2019, CIAFF will permanently settle in Dongbuzhou and be upgraded to TOPUIAW.

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Dongbuzhou International Animation Incubation and Creation Base, 99 Dongting Lake Road
Address: Linjiang New District, Haimen District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province